How to start practicing Parkour: Tips and recommendations for beginners

Parkour is a discipline of movement that involves overcoming obstacles in the most efficient way possible. It is practiced in urban and natural environments and is characterized by jumping, turning, climbing and other movement techniques. If you are interested in starting to practice Parkour, here are some tips and recommendations for beginners.

    1. Investigate about Parkour: Before you start practicing, it is important that you investigate about this discipline. Look for information about the history of Parkour, its fundamentals and techniques. Studying videos of other practitioners will help you better understand the principles of Parkour and be more prepared for your first training sessions.
    2. Find a safe place to train: Investigate places such as parks, squares or sports areas that have reliable structures, such as benches, walls, bars or if you know of a Parkour Park in your city, take advantage of it to start safely. In some cities there are indoor gyms like in Madrid; The Parkour Academy Ship of which we also have exclusive items in our online store MADD Store.
    3. Start with basic moves like; precision jumps, cat jump, hurdle pass, thief, arm jump, 360º.. As you gain confidence and skill, you can start practicing movements that require greater skill in strength, balance and power. The main object is to be strong to be useful, if you do not have a good physical base, starting by conditioning your body with strength / power exercises with weights (squats, deadlifts, press...) and calisthenics will help you progress more quickly and safely as you will avoid injuries.
    4. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear: To practice Parkour, it is important that you wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, if you also do it with style it is a plus. It is also important that you wear appropriate footwear that has good traction and cushioning to absorb impacts. We cannot recommend shoe models as this is a very personal decision and varies depending on your needs, just make sure that you feel comfortable with them to overcome any obstacle you encounter

    5. Train with other practitioners: This can be very beneficial as it will allow you to learn new techniques, get advice and get feedback from others. Look for Parkour groups or collectives in your area or city and join them to train together. Plus it's a great way to make friends that can last a lifetime. Find out if there are Associations in your community aware of the correct dissemination of Parkour such as AMPK (Madrid Association of Parkour), DAPP (Difusion Activa Pro Parkour) among others.

    6. Parkour is a discipline that requires time and dedication to master. Don't get frustrated if you can't make a move early on. Be patient and keep training with perseverance.

As Bruce Lee said:

To know yourself is to study yourself in action with another person. If you believe something is impossible, you will make it impossible. Empty your mind, be amorphous, moldable, like water. If you put water in a cup it becomes the cup. If you put water in a bottle it becomes the bottle. If you put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. The key to immortality is primarily living a life worth remembering.

In summary, to start practicing Parkour it is important that you research this discipline, choose a safe place to train, start with basic movements, wear appropriate clothing and footwear, train with other practitioners and be patient and persevering. Remember that constant practice and focus on safety are essential to progress in Parkour. Have fun and enjoy while you improve your skills!

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